Friday, December 12, 2008

The Autism Mom wants to be your friend

Welcome to my blogspot! I don't know you yet, but I feel I do. I am René, The Autism Mom, and I want to be your friend. Why? Because you need one. When your child is diagnosed with autism -- wherever he or she falls on the spectrum -- you go through a real mourning period. You need friends who understand, but you may not know anyone else with an autistic child.

That's why I'm here. I've been where you are. I'm STILL where you are. The difference is I am a decade into the journey and I am ready to share what I've learned. My boys are both on that colorful autism spectrum. Noah (who suddenly prefers his middle name "Xavier" but we're having a hard time switching) is almost 11 and Cameron (he likes "Camro") is almost 8.

These boys... where to start? They are the most colorful, multi-layered, interesting, creative, intelligent, curious, puzzling children I've ever met! I hope you will enjoy getting to know my family through this blog, but even more, I hope you will find comraderie and support here.

Since I am new to blogging, I hope you will be patient with me as I figure this thing out. I hope to bring to the table lots of humor, interesting writing, resources, interviews with real autism moms, gosh -- who knows what God has in store for this site.

So welcome! Please join me in this journey. We need each other! God bless you & your families this Christmas!

René, The Autism Mom

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  1. I think your blog will do just fine. I to have a website to try and inform people on ASD's due to a close family member in my life. I would like for you to check it out at and see what you think.